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When is the best time of year to trim trees?

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Question: When is the best time of year to trim trees?
Top Answer (36% of 82 votes): Winter.

Answer: Winter
Explanation: When tree is dormant or after bloom
Aries Landscape & Construction
Answer: Fall
Explanation: Cooler temperatures work best with some trees
Hardscaping Plus
Answer: Spring
Explanation: It is best in winter to early spring - depending on the type of tree.
Red Lodge Home & Tree LLC
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: in fl trees grow year round so any time is fine unless it is a tree that goes dormant
coconut cowboy tree service
Answer: Winter
Explanation: Depends on the type to pruning being done. Deadwooding can be easier with leaves on the tree. But removing large live growth is better is done in late winter for most trees.
Wichita Tree Service
Answer: Fall
Explanation: It all depends on which tree is being trimmed and how much of the tree is going to be trimmed.
Live Oak Landscape & Concrete
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: It depends on the tree species. Many are best done in the late fall or winter after the sap has dropped. Many can be pruned year round
Answer: Fall
Explanation: when all the Leaves have fallen. And before the Tree gets brittle.
Renewable Tree Service
Answer: Spring
Explanation: Spring time and fall are the best seasons for pruning you're tree's it promotes a better result for there health
Hernandez Tree Service
Answer: Summer
Explanation: Anytime is a good time to prune trees some may need to wait until the winter to prevent the spread of disease. Some evergreens should be trimmed in June afyer the new growth is coming out. Many can be trimmed all summer long In the spring you may experience more sap running from the cuts. This is not a problem to the tree Wither pruning or dormant pruning is done without the leaves on the trees and done to shape and clean up trees. So all of the above are good times to prune
Mr Falls Tree Experts
Answer: Fall
Explanation: Its best in the fall
Answer: Winter
Explanation: The tree is dormant along with insects
Favored tree & fence services
Answer: Winter
Explanation: It's best to always trim a tree when it is dormant or the first freeze has passed
Carders Tree & Landscaping
Answer: Fall
Explanation: After the tree goes dormant for the season, the impact of pruning can be diminished.
Tri- County Lawn & TreeService
Answer: Spring
Explanation: Dead, damaged, and diseased branches should be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the best time to prune is in late winter, early spring, just before the tree begins to open its buds
Answer: Winter
Explanation: The best time to prune most trees and shrubs is in the late winter or early spring. Flowering shrubs should be pruned in late spring, after the plant is finished blooming
Selena's Landscape, design & Tree Service, LLC
Answer: Spring
Explanation: So it will have all summer to fill back out
Markley mowing n more
Answer: Winter
Explanation: The best time to trim a tree is when it is dormant the next best is after the leaf growth is complete which could be early/mid/late summer depending on which zone you live in
Black Dirt Services LLC
Answer: Winter
Explanation: In the winter the insects are less active and the tree is dormant so it stresses the tree less.
Pinnacle Landscape and Maintenance
Answer: Winter
Explanation: They are dormant so wounds are not as sever to tree allowing slow easy healing
Three Sisters Landscaping
Answer: Spring
Explanation: Spring after the leaves are full, to remove winter damage and have them looking nice for the summer.
Foley Landscape Services
Answer: Fall
Explanation: When the sap is down
Matt and Brian's tree service
Answer: Spring
Explanation: each type of tree has different timing for different levels of pruning. Generally spring is the least stressful time but fall is a close second
Friendly Tree Experts
Answer: Winter
Explanation: Winter, summer, or fall. Pruning trees in the spring can put to much stress on the tree and is not recommended.
Busy Bee Tree And Lawn
Answer: Fall
Explanation: after dormant season
SG Landscape and Outdoors
Answer: Spring
Explanation: any type of removal from the plant can potentially kill it so you want to make sure that the plan is it going to go through the most shocking weather changes and has ample amount of time to produce leaves in order to feed itself and grow
Webster's Lawn care
Answer: Fall
Explanation: prep them for winter and next spring
ECT Contracting LLC
Answer: Fall
Explanation: Tree trimming is best when the tree is in a dormant period of the year.
mcintyres tree service
Answer: Winter
Explanation: not growing
h.c.lawn& fence
Answer: Spring
Explanation: We trim all year. Most of our clients choose to do spring and fall trimming.
C & R Mowing LLC
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