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If trees are disrupting power lines on my property, will the utility company pay to have the trees trimmed or removed?

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Question: If trees are disrupting power lines on my property, will the utility company pay to have the trees trimmed or removed?
Top Answer (31% of 95 votes): Sometimes.

Answer: Rarely
Explanation: They'll pay for the main lines (ones going pole to pole), but not the ones that are going to your home - though every situation is different.
Woodstock Tree Service
Answer: Always
Explanation: The power company will prune trees away from the main wires, but not your service line to your house.
Wichita Tree Service
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: If the lines they are touching are hot wires, then they will remove them... if not,they will tell yoo to call a tree service if you want them removed
Florida Landscape & Lawn Care, LLC
Answer: Usually
Explanation: If lines are rubbing on a tree or arcing please call 911 or Consumers power immediately
Chapin Services, LLC
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: most coops will typically take care of trees around services, power companies rarely do
The Tree Guy
Answer: Usually
Explanation: Most utility companies will pay to keep the lines clear. If your tree is rubbing power lines please call the company, your neighbors hate power outages as much as you do. We will not work on trees that are touching power wires. It's dangerous. We can remove the tree or do significant pruning after the wires are clear.
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: It depends on the clients needs the electric company may take a months to get the issue resolve
Hernandez Tree Service
Answer: Rarely
Explanation: Power companys as a rule have a special crew or a company contracted for this job.
Desert Oasis Tree Service
Answer: Rarely
Explanation: Main powerless are covered by the utility. The lower communication lines are not cleared by the power company wires to your home must be cleared by you if they are within 10 feet of the wires a line certified arborist must be used for safe removal to avoid injury
Mr Falls Tree Experts
Answer: Rarely
Explanation: When the power company comes through they leave the trees mangled and care very little about appearance
Favored tree & fence services
Answer: Usually
Explanation: It is usuall the owners responsibility to trim the drop line from the pole.
Lance Fink Tree Falling/Removal
Answer: Never
Explanation: Trees that are grown on your property are your responsibility. If the trees were on city property then the city would at that time get involved. However, the city workers have several jobs going on day to day so do not expect a fast response.
Three Men Lawn
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: It depends on whether or not they pose a threat to the power lines.
Tri- County Lawn & TreeService
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: Utility companies sub this type of work out, and with limitations. They will trim from around the wires only, and never will they remove a tree. Often the trees are not left in the most appealing way. Should you hire a professional on your own, please make sure they are trained and certified in line clearance. If they are not, please opt for a company that will work in conjunction with the utility company.
TREEology, Inc.
Answer: Usually
Explanation: If the tree is disrupting the power lines, they will send their contracted company to come out and only remove those branches affecting the power lines.
Answer: Usually
Explanation: Some utility company's will not trim over the service line leading to the house.
Rising faith tree service
Answer: Not sure
Explanation: I think they contract out a company to do it for them.
M&G Lawncare
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: The utility company will pay it will have them removed or tops to get them away from the power line
Markley mowing n more
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: Usually a hack job
Haley Enterprises
Answer: Always
Explanation: They cut down to below power lines at no charge so you can safely have tree cut down by a landscaping company
Three Sisters Landscaping
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: I believe it depends on how far the tree is onto the property whether it falls on the town or power company to take care of.
Foley Landscape Services
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: Excel will only trim trees that are growing twards power lines and within 10 feet of transformers. Making your tree look very unpleasant.
Busy Bee Tree And Lawn
Answer: Always
Explanation: Tree companies typically perform this task. However, their techniques are not to preserve the health and integrity of the tree.
Outdoor Designs
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: only if it is pole to pole not house to pole
Country Club Services L.L.C.
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: Depends on if it is near house or main lines.
American Tree Specialists
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: We have had customers call power company and request their help sometimes they do and others they don't it varies
White Oak Landscaping & Lawn Care, inc
Answer: Usually
Explanation: depends on municipality
ECT Contracting LLC
Answer: Rarely
Explanation: The power company is usually not concerned with power to your house only with the main lines which feed the community.
mcintyres tree service
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: depends on time in budjet
h.c.lawn& fence
Answer: Sometimes
Explanation: They will remove them if it's a main line or on there right away. If it's from the pole to your house you are responsible for the trimming.
C & R Mowing LLC
Answer: Usually
Explanation: Call the company and ask them.
USA Tree Service llc
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