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Dead branches that are not removed can be harmful to the overall health of a tree.

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Question: Dead branches that are not removed can be harmful to the overall health of a tree.
Top Answer (88% of 80 votes): True.

Answer: True
Explanation: Depending on what has caused the branch to die, failure to remove said branch may impact the rest of the tree.
Woodstock Tree Service
Answer: True
Explanation: Dead limbs create an access point for both disease and insects the tree also waste energy trying to revive the limb.
Chapin Services, LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Dead branches may be a route for disease or insect damage. They can also be a source of injury to other members of the public depending on location.
Answer: True
Explanation: Yes it can spread to the the entire tree if not pruned
Hernandez Tree Service
Answer: True
Explanation: Dead branches are still having nutrient put to them robbing the live vegetation of what they need.
Desert Oasis Tree Service
Answer: True
Explanation: Disease and insects can enter the tree through dead limbs bexythebtree can not close the opening by growing over the hole until the branch is removed Sealing the cuts is not recommended Oak trees should be trimmed in the winter months to prevent Oak Wilt disease spread. oak and elm trees can be inoculated from the disease with injections for precaution
Mr Falls Tree Experts
Answer: True
Explanation: They offer exposure to insects and take away sunlight to other branches
Favored tree & fence services
Answer: True
Explanation: Dead branches that are not removed and treated can invite disease and insects.
Lance Fink Tree Falling/Removal
Answer: True
Explanation: The tree wastes energy holding on the damaged branch.
Henningsen Property Maintenance LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: Yes anytime you seen a disease Branch or dead branches in your dream you always want to remove them as quickly as possible to contain the disease or any harm coming to your tree
Carders Tree & Landscaping
Answer: True
Explanation: If the the branch died of a fungi, it could spread. Also falling deadwood can damage healthy limbs.
Tri- County Lawn & TreeService
Answer: True
Explanation: Remove dead, damaged and diseased branches to help prevent insect & decay organisms from entering the tree. In addition, dead branches can be a sign that a tree is declining and should be inspected. Dead branches can also be a safety concern.
TREEology, Inc.
Answer: False
Explanation: Although dead limbs (widow maker's) don't cause any real harm to the tree, they could be a hazard to people or property if the fall on thier own. You should have dead limbs removed if they are a hazard.
Another Tree Service
Answer: True
Explanation: They are a host for fungus and insects that promote disease in your trees. A dead limb or stub will also prevent the branch collar from sealing the wound.
Rising faith tree service
Answer: True
Explanation: They need to be removed so the tree can grow health branches that are not in the way.
M&G Lawncare
Answer: True
Explanation: This depends on the over all health of the tree and if the branches that are dead are rotting into the tree.
Metro Portland Tree Service
Answer: True
Explanation: They give insects a place to live and collect water which can lead to rotting
Pinnacle Landscape and Maintenance
Answer: True
Explanation: somewhat tree will waste energy trying to feed the dead limb
Three Sisters Landscaping
Answer: True
Explanation: It will harm the rest of the tree if not removed ontime..
3G's Lawn care, landscaping & snow removal
Answer: True
Explanation: Dead limbs can be a invention for insects. Insects can destroy trees, effecting the way the tree carries nutrition to produce leaves.
Busy Bee Tree And Lawn
Answer: True
Explanation: allow pests and water rot to enter more readily
SG Landscape and Outdoors
Answer: True
Explanation: Allows for insects and even though it's dead the tree still tries to give it nutrients not to mention safety of it falling on something or someone
White Oak Landscaping & Lawn Care, inc
Answer: True
Explanation: drains resources that could help tree
ECT Contracting LLC
Answer: True
Explanation: I believe this is true
Down To Dirt Stump Grinding
Answer: False
Explanation: Dead branches don't affect the tree if not removed. Ascetically it's not appealing and could be dangerous to anything below, but does not have to be removed.
C & R Mowing LLC
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